Information Management Planning and Problem Solving

We use our experience in the appropriate use of standards technologies to protect owners' information from proprietary traps, and to enhance the usefulness of their existing information without necessarily having to alter it. Our involvement in the development of the Topic Maps and HyTime standards and their early implementations gives us a special expertise and appreciation of the problems those standards were designed to address. We use this knowledge and insight in performing:

  • Strategic vision development
  • Intellectual property evaluation
  • Enterprise knowledge integration
  • Requirements analysis
  • Information architecture design
  • Knowledge navigation
  • Information technologies training

Versavant Topic Mapping Services

Coolheads is the pioneer in Versavant topic mapping services. Versavant topic maps are radically self-describing, and they are ideal for the support of knowledge management activities that must collaboratively and auditably integrate information and indexes emanating from diverse independent sources. Versavant topic maps are exploitable in concert with all other subject-centric information resources via the open-source, Apache 2.0 licensed Versavant engine. One leading-edge customer is Canada's Information Economy Meta Language initiative (

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